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Volume 1 Special Issue: Hawaii, The Aloha State - December 31, 2003

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Native Hawaiian Health in Hawaii: Historical Highlights
Bradley E. Hope and Janette Harbottle Hope
Cultural Trauma, Hawaiian Spirituality, and Contemporary Health Status
Bud Pomaika'i Cook, Kelley Withy, Lucia Tarallo-Jensen
Kaho'olawe and the Makahiki Ceremony: The Healing of an Island
Burt Lum
Traditional Hawaiian Healing and Western Influence
Kathryn Hilgenkamp and Colleen Pescaia
Providing Culturally Tailored Breast and Cervical Cancer Programs for Asian American and Pacific Islander Women: A Case Study of a Filipino Community in Honolulu
Lisa Fu, Andrea Macabeo, Doris Segal Matsunaga, Tu-Uyen Nguyen, Karen Rezai, Marjorie Kagawa-Singer
Development and First Year Results of a Psychosocial Surveillance System for Chronic Disease Related Health Behaviors
Jay E. Maddock, Carrie S. Marshall, Claudio R. Nigg, Jodi D. Barnett
Estimates of Disability Among Ethnic Groups in Hawaii
Ann M. Pobutsky, Robert Hirokawa, and Florentina Reyes-Salvail
The Epidemiology of Low Birth Weight and Preterm Delivery, in Hawai`i, 2000-2001
Cheryl B Prince, Limin Song, Nighat Quadri, Kathleen Kromer Baker
Race & Ethnicity Data: Developing a Common Language for Public Health Surveillance in Hawaii
Catherine A. Sorensen, Betty Wood, Edward W. Prince
Educating the Health Community: Selling Early Intervention to Primary Care Physicians
Beppie Shapiro, Taletha Derrington, and Brenda Smith
Knowledge, Practice, and Attitudes Toward End-of-Life Issues among Adults in Hawaii
Harumi Karel, Ana Zir, and Kathryn L. Braun
The Hawai'i Public Health Association's Global Public Health Conferences 2002 and 2003: Lessons Learned
Pratisha Budhiraja
Improving Native Hawaiian Health Through Community-Based Participatory Research
Megan Fong, Kathryn L. Braun, JoAnn Umilani Tsark
Hawai'i WIC's Unique Breastfeeding Initiatives
Christina Shoemaker Simmons, Pratisha Budhiraja, Cheryl B. Prince
Health Services Career Pathway: Promoting Education Standards, Health, and Healthcare Professions Recruitment in Hawai'i
Sheri M. Gon

Video Clips

Kaho`olawe and the Makahiki Ceremony: The Healing of an Island Kaho`olawe: Ka Ha o ko makou Kupuna - The Breath of Our Ancestors, Advanced Video Class, Instructor: Mark Nitta, Hawaii Pacific University, 2002, for the Kaho`olawe Island Reserve Commission. MOV

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