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Volume 4 Issue 2 - June, 2006

Table of Contents

   CJHP Editorial Board
   Table of Contents
   Editor's Corner  

Professional Updates

AAHE At-A-Glance vi-xiv
SOPHE Corner xv-xvii

Letter to the Editor

Response to “Youth Health Services, Development Programs, and Teenage Birth Rates in 55 California Cities,” CJHP 4(1), 46-57.
Norman A. Constantine and Carmen R. Nevarez

Theses and Projects

Factors Associated with Smoking Cessation and Risk of Smoking Initiation in Bulgarian Youth
Milena D. Anatchkova, Colleen A. Redding, Joseph S. Rossi
Attitudes Towards Cervical Cancer Screening: A Study of Beliefs Among Women in Mexico
Myriam Leyva, Theresa Byrd, Patrick Tarwater
Dietary Sodium and Blood Pressure in Older Adults
Courtney B. Johnson
Overweight, Diet, Physical Activity, and Hypertension in Low-Income School-Aged Children
Kelley Marty, Cindy Wolff, and Irene Morgan
Surveyof Prevalence and Attitudes of Health-Related Self-Help Approaches Among Older Adults
Angela Drent and Manoj Sharma
Parental Sunscreen Use: A Descriptive Study of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Regarding Sun Protection in a Rural Population
Andrea Megargell and Steven E. Shive
Conducting HIV Prevention Programs for the Severely Mentally Ill: An Assessment of Capacity Among HIV Prevention Programs Providers in the City and County of San Francisco
Ihor Perehinets, Edward Mamary, Valerie Rose
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Perspectives of a Group of Educators in Northwest Florida
Karen Walker Turner
Factors Affecting Perceived Stress in Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services
Roger Bounds
Driving Under the Influence Laws, Party Culture and College Students: Results From a New Orleans University
Nia K. Davis
Who is Teaching (or Not Teaching) Mexican Youth in Southeast Idaho About Safer Sex Practices?
Peter C. Davis and Linda L. Rankin
Designing a Mental Health Education Program for South Asian International Students in United States
Ashutosh Atri and Manoj Sharma
Paradigm of Life: A Grounded Theory of Occupational Renewal in Persons with Chronic Pain
Grace Fisher, Lindsay Albright, Jaclyn Finelli, Lauren Levine, Colleen Rooney, Jennifer Zanghi
An Evaluation of African American Adolescent Health Status With Gender Comparison
Joy L. Anderson
Reasons Youth of Color Give for Not Accessing Primary Health Care: A Survey of Patients at a Teen Clinic
Ruby Jean Vasser Woodruff, William H. Zimmerli, David F. Duncan
A Field Test of the Cougar Home Safety Assessment for Older Persons Version 1.0
Grace S. Fisher, Kristen Coolbaugh, and Christin Rhodes
Association Between Health Risk Knowledge and Risk Behavior Among Medical Students and Residents In Yerevan
Tereza Khachkalyan, Varduhi Petrosyan, Krikor Soghikian
An Evaluation of the Relationship between AcademicPerformance and Physical Fitness Measures in California Schools
Sangeeta Singh and Shari McMahan


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