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Volume 5 Issue 2 - June, 2007

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Research and Theory

Factors Affecting the Consumption of Away-from-Home Foods in Hawai`i Residents
Angelina M. Ahedo, Taryn W. Lee, Joan Pan, Katie M. Heinrich, Stefan Keller, Jay Maddock
Yoga, Physical Education, and Self-Esteem: Off the Court and Onto the Mat for Mental Health
Kaci A. Bridges and Melody S. Madlem
Integrating Health Education into Clinical Settings
Theresa L. Byrd, Mary M. Hoke, Nell H. Gottlieb
Low Caloric Intake Among Mexican – American High School Students May Suggest Food Insecurity and/or Insufficiency in the Household
Liset Leal-Vasquez, Tammy Wyatt, Ashley Love
Predictors of Smoking and Alcohol Use in Japanese and Japanese-American College Students
Michiyo Tomioka and Jay Maddock
To Hell and Back: Wounded Warriors Return Home to Fight Yet Another Battle
Kathy A. DeBarr
Effectiveness of an Intervention Regarding Weight Status of Selected New Mexico Kindergarten Children and their Parent’s Perceptions
Amanda Jones and Susan C. Forster-Cox
Cancer Screening Belief Scale – Chinese Version (CSBS-C): Validation on Scale Psychometric Properties Among a Chinese Worksite Population
Su-I Hou
Gender Differences in Stress and Coping Among Adults Living in Hawai`i
Lauren A. Gentry, Jane J. Chung, Nandar Aung, Stefan Keller, Katie M. Heinrich, & Jay E. Maddock
Applying the National Health Educator Competencies Update Project Model to Health Education
Gary D. Gilmore, Larry K. Olsen, and Alyson Taub
Asian American Subgroup Differences in Sources of Health Information and Predictors of Screening Behavior
Steven E. Shive, Grace X. Ma, Yin Tan, Jamil I. Toubbeh, Lalitha Parameswaran, Joseph Halowich
Health Promotion Research Methods: Preparing Students to Publish
Katie M. Heinrich & Stefan Keller
Mirror, Mirror, Help Me Like My Body: Examining a Body Image Media Campaign
Sara B. Oswalt and Tammy J. Wyatt
Tracking Sleep Times to Reduce Tiredness and Improve Sleep in College Students
Daniel J. Prestwich, Linda L. Rankin, and Jeff Housman
Parents Attending a Family Weight Management Program Perceive Similar Home Fruit and Vegetable Accessibility, but Greater Child Proxy Agency and Physical Activity Opportunity
Richard R. Rosenkranz, Karly. S. Geller, and David. A. Dzewaltowski


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