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Volume 6 Issue 1 - September, 2008

Table of Contents

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   Table of Contents

Research and Theory

An exploratory study of touch zones in college students on two campuses
Mark Tomita
Core human values and their interactions with pro-Tobacco factors on cigarette smoking: The role of factors not explicitly related to a risk behavior
Xinguang Chen, Xiaolan Tang, Xiaoming Li, Bonita Stanton, and Hanwu Li
Modes and locales of physical activity: Older adults
Timothy J. Bungum and Melva Thompson-Robinson
Impact of a three-year worksite wellness program on employee blood lipid levels
Kendra Byrd, Kathryn Silliman, and Michelle Neyman Morris
Effectiveness of nutrition programs in increasing healthy eating behaviors among low income women
Rebecca A. Vidourek and Keith A. King
Focusing your walking intervention’s message: For mature audiences only
Daniel L. Friesner, Matthew Q. McPherson, and Vivek H. Patil
Home Modification Outcomes in the Residences of Older People as a Result of Cougar Home Safety Assessment (Version 4.0) Recommendations
Grace S. Fisher, Erin Bradley, Diane Costulas, Laura L. Kintner, Jodi Kozlevcar, Karla M. Mahonski, Keira McMenamin, Amanda Rompilla, Jillian Woods, and Jay Stine
Factors associated with the decision to obtain an HIV test among Chinese/Chinese American community college women in Northern California
Sang Leng Trieu, Naomi N. Modeste, Helen Hopp Marshak, Michael A. Males, and Sally I. Bratton


Translating Health Information Effectively for Latino Populations
Everly Macario and Rebeca Montealegre Boyte

Brief Report

Evaluation of the use of a Parent-Held Child Health Record by Pregnant Women and Mothers of Young Children
Richard D. Stacy, Manoj Sharma, and William Alvin Torrence

Student Theses

College-aged Men’s (18-24) Knowledge and Perceptions of Human Papillomavirus and Cervical Cancer
Ricardo V. López, Sora Park Tanjasiri, and Shari McMahan
Food Security and Homelessness in the City of Anaheim
Ann G. Ora, Michele Mouttapa, Jie Weiss, and Penny Weissmuller


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