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Volume 6 Issue 2 - December, 2008

Table of Contents

   CJHP Editorial Board
   Table of Contents

Research and Theory

Should California Reconsider Its Legal Drinking Age?
Mike Males
The Influence of a Pilot Nutrition Education Program on Dietary Knowledge among Undergraduate College Students
Geraldine Napoleone Pires, Amy Pumerantz, Lawrence K. Silbart, & Linda S. Pescatello
The Role of Faith-Based Organizations in Supporting Efforts to Reintegrate Residents Returning from Prison
Donnie W. Watson, Winnie Tsai, Victoria S. Chu, Eugene Williams, Michele Mouttapa, Aliya Asghar, Michael E. Shaw
Unlicensed driving among California high school seniors
Katherine E. Heck, Carla Sousa, Christian L. Hanna, & Keith Nathaniel
Factors Related to Youth Living with HIV Delaying Access to Care: The Role of Positive and Negative Social Network Influences on Health Seeking Behaviors
Patricia L. Jones, Naomi N. Modest, Susanne B. Montgomery, Colwick M. Wilson, & Philip Batterham

Brief Report

Prevalence of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption and Physical Activity by Gender and Race/Ethnicity - California, 2005-2006
Joan Faith Epstein, Sharon Sugerman, Patrick Mitchell, & Marta Induni
A Pilot Study: Can a Short-term Complementary and Alternative Medicine Intervention Combat Stress?
Shveta Sanghani, Alexis Deavenport, Patti Herring, S. Eric Anderson, and Ernie Medina
A Multi-Year Survey of Physical Activity among College Students, their Families, and Friends
Deane A. Lamont, and Derek W. Marks
College Students’ Perceptions of a Safe Spring Break Event: An Event Specific Prevention Program
Shonna L. Snyder and Lauren Misera


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