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Volume 7 Issue 1 - September, 2009

Table of Contents

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   Table of Contents

Research and Theory

Associations between Leisure Activities and HIV Risk Behaviors among Rural Migrants in Urban China
Xinguang Chen, Xiaoming Li, Bonita Stanton, Xiaoyi Fang, Danhua Lin, and Rong Ma
Micronesian Migrant Health Issues in Hawaii: Part 1: Background, Home Island Data, and Clinical Evidence
Seiji Yamada and Ann Pobutsky
Micronesian Migrant Health Issues in Hawaii: Part 2: An Assessment of Health, Language and Key Social Determinants of Health
Ann M. Pobutsky, Dmitry Krupitsky, and Seiji Yamada
Traffic Crash Victimizations of California Children and Teenagers by Drinking Over-21 Drivers
Mike Males
Factors associated with self-competence and quality of life in Chinese-American children
Jyu-Lin Chen and Mary Ellen Wilkosz
Breaking Down the Silence: A Study Examining Patterns of Sexual Assault and Subsequent Disclosure among Ethnic Groups of Asian Pacific Islander College Women
Divya P. Shenoy, Rosalyn Neranartkomol, Monisha Ashok, Anne Chiang, Amy G. Lam, and Sang Leng Trieu
Road traffic injuries and risk factors
Abdulbari Bener, Huseyin R. Burgut, Heba Sidahmed, Rama AlBuz, Rahima Sanya, Waleed Ali Khan
The Undermined Determinant of a College’s Success: Health & Wellness of a College Employee
Jagdish Khubchandani and Timothy R. Jordan
The Effects of Six Weeks of Balance and Strength Training on Measures of Dynamic Balance of Older Adults
Christopher J. Knerl, Petra B. Schuler, Lemuel W. Taylor, Ludmila M. Cosio-lima, Karla A. Caillouet

Brief Report

Measuring the Infusion of Service-Learning on Student Outcomes–The Service-Learning Self-Efficacy Scale on Program Planning Competencies (SL-SEPP)
Su-I Hou

Work By Graduate Students

Sexual Health Variables and the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine: An Investigation of Predictors in a Female Collegiate Population.
Victoria Barry, Shannon B. Myers, Amy E. Sgrenci, Megan Lavery, Deirdra Frum, Erin L. O'Hea


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