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Volume 8

Special Issue: Cancer Control among Pacific Islanders

December, 2010

Table of Contents

   CJHP Editorial Board
   Table of Contents


Reducing Cancer Health Disparities among Pacific Islanders in the U.S.
Sora Park Tanjasiri & Ruth Peters

Research and Theory

Assessing the Effectiveness of Educational Workshops for Breast Cancer Prevention and Early Detection among Samoan and Pacific Islander Women in Southern California
Dorothy Etimani Schmidt-Vaivao, Genesis Lutu, Alisi Tulua-Tata, Marion Hannemann, and Diana M. Tisnado
Role of Spirituality in Coping with Breast Cancer: A Qualitative Study of Samoan Breast Cancer Survivors and their Supporters
Melanie Sabado, Sora Park Tanjasiri, Sala Mata‘alii, and Marion Hanneman
Understanding a Pacific Islander Young Adult Perspective on Access to Higher Education
Jacqueline Tran, Michelle Wong, Erin Kahunawaika'ala Wright, Joe Fa`avae, Ashley Cheri, Eric Wat, Keith L. Camacho, and Mary Anne Foo
A Case Study in Chamorro Community and Academic Engagement for a Community-Partnered Research Approach
Diana M. Tisnado, Lola Sablan-Santos, Linda Guevara, Lourdes Quitugua, Keith Castro, Jay Aromin, Joey Quenga and Jacqueline Tran
Native Hawaiian Voices: Enhancing the Role of Cultural Values in Community Based Participatory Research
Juliet McMullin, Momi Bone, Jane Ka‘ala Pang, Victor Kaiwi Pang, and Archana McEligot
Social Support for Chamorro Breast Cancer Survivors on Guam
Lilli Ann Perez, Lisalinda Natividad, William Chung, Robert L. Haddock, Lari Wenzel, and F. Allan Hubbell

Commentary: Community Perspective

The Tongan American Health Professionals Association Promoting Health Through Sharing, Mentoring and Networking
Vanessa Tui`one, Brian Hui, Alisi Tulua-Tata, and Diana M. Tisnado
Community Commentary: Cultural Considerations for Breast and Cervical Cancer Education among Marshallese Women in the Continental U.S.
Greta Briand and Ruth Peters
Promoting Breast Cancer Screening through Storytelling by Chamorro Cancer Survivors
Rosa Duenas Manglona, Suzanne Robert, Lucy San Nicolas Isaacson, Marie Garrido, Faye Babauta Henrich, Lola Sablan-Santos, Daisy Le, and Ruth Peters
Talking Story: Using Culture to Educate Pacific Islander Men About Health and Aging
Alek Sripipatana, Victor Kai'wi Pang, Jane Ka'ala Pang, and Greta Briand
Identifying the Causes of Cancer Health Disparities: Biologic and Non Biologic Determinants
Keola K. Beale


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