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SPECIAL ISSUE: Data Science Health Research and Training

DEADLINE: December 11, 2017

A 2018 special issue of the Californian Journal of Health Promotion (CJHP) will highlight innovative approaches, research and training in “Big Data” science. Big Data science, an emerging field, tackles the advent of not only the extremely large volume, but also the variety, velocity, variability and veracity of data being generated daily in our world today.  Computational analyses, visualization and syntheses of these newly available and accessible data can reveal patterns and associations, allowing to explore multidisciplinary complex health issues.     . Contributions by students and faculty mentors are welcomed. Also, we invite contributions from a variety of scientific disciplines related to data science and health, including epidemiology, public nutrition, neuroscience, brain health and other health disciplines. 

Studies may include, but are not limited to examining lifestyle, behavioral and biologic and genetic factors associated with neuroscience and health, particularly via exploring large open-source datasets. Submission of manuscripts focusing on data science challenges and opportunities is particularly encouraged. Manuscripts can be submitted as original empirical studies,  literature reviews, or brief reports.  For further details about manuscript preparation, please visit:

Please contact the editors with any questions regarding the suitability of your submission.


Maria Koleilat, DrPH, Editor

Elaine Rutkowski, PhD, Editor

Michele Mouttapa, PhD, Senior Editor


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