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Volume 13 Issue 2 - 2015


Table of Contents

CJHP Editorial Board
Table of Contents

Improving Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Uptake: Barriers and Potential Solutions Brandon Brown, Suellen Hopfer, and Alvin Chan




Preliminary Evidence for Infusing Mindfulness, Yoga and Parenting Education Training on the Resilience-building Capacity for Incarcerated Fathers 

Jennifer K. Crawford, Gitanjali Shrestha, and Laura G. Hill


Multi-site Programming Offered to Promote Resilience in Military Veterans: A Process Evaluation of the Just Roll With It Bootcamps

Kate Hendricks Thomas, Sarah Plummer Taylor, Karl Hamner, John Glazer, and Emily Kaufman


Does Type of Disability Matter to Public Health Policy and Practice?

Amanda Reichard, Michelle Stransky, Kimberly Phillips, Charles Drum, and Monica McClain


Perspectives on Medication-Related and Other Health Disparities Affecting Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Other Pacific Islanders: A Qualitative Study

Daniel Hu, Deborah Taira Juarez, Victor Lin, Roy Goo, Michelle Yeboah, and Theresa Castillo


Get Cookin’: Investigating the Effects of a Six-week Cooking Intervention on Cooking and Dietary Behaviors among Low-income Families

Janelle Morris, Keiko Goto, Cindy Wolff, Stephanie Bianco, and Aurelia Samonte


Attitudes of a Multiethnic Group of Immigrants towards Online Social Networking and Physical Activity: Results from Focus Group Discussions

Cynthia M. Ferrara, Leland K. Ackerson, and Deirdra A. Murphy


A Community Clinic-based Approach to Address Pediatric Obesity among a Predominantly Latino Sample of Youth Enrolled in a State Health Plan

Jie W. Weiss, Melina H. Yepiz, Michele Mouttapa, Shari McMahan, and Alberto Gedissman


Determination of the Validity and Reliability of a Modified Osteoporosis Health Belief Scale and Osteoporosis Self-Efficacy Scale to Include Vitamin D

Alexa L. Evenson and Gregory F. Sanders




Health Education across Academic Disciplines (HEAAD): A Tool to Help Students Think Critically about the Risks of Excessive Cell Phone Use

Vic Sbarbaro and Theresa M. Enyeart Smith


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